Separation of form and content

The use of style sheets ensures the separation of the layout of the site and its content. This maintains a consistent reading order in the structure of each page for effective navigation in the event that CSS is disabled.


Quick access

The site has quick links at the top of each page for direct access to:

  • The menu
  • The page content

Keyboard navigation

Tab key provides access to each link of the site in an ordered sequence.

Below each article there are 2 links giving access the previous page and the next page.

Text size

All font sizes are based on relative units, facilitating modification of the size of displayed text in most browsers. This can be carried out using the following commands:

"CTRL" and "mouse wheel"


"CTRL" and "+" (increase text size) or "-" (decrease text size)


Browser menus: View > Text Size


The main menu on the left side of the page is permanently displayed on all pages of the site and allowing acces to all the main topics.
For more complex site structures with many links, a link opening system is provided via mouse click or the enter key.
The logo at the top of the page takes us back to the home page.


Site colours and contrasts meet all RGAA criteria.

Images and Links

All the texts associated with images, graphics and links are explicitly and uniquely named for a clear description of the element's content in the context of the page.