Partnering With Transporters on Road Safety

More than 6,000 Total trucks crisscross Africa each year, making road safety a major issue in the growth of our activities.

A sweeping improvement program. Introduced in 2012, deployment of the program continues and is paying dividends. On the basis of compliance inspections, trucking companies get help improving their driver management and training systems, so that they can meet Total’s safety requirements. From 2012 to 2014, 447 inspections were performed in Marketing & Services' 40 host countries in Africa and the Middle East. Some 93% of transporters have been inspected at least once. These exercises have led to improvement plans, repeat inspections or, if standards weren't met, contract terminations.

A virtuous circle. By reducing the number of trucking companies 30%, the program has also enabled our affiliates to optimize the use of trucks and thus improve their profitability, spurring owners to upgrade their fleets. The number of accidents in the field fell significantly in 2014. A strict safety policy for the cars used by affiliates has also been in place since 2013, prompting early replacement of the fleet.

Since children are especially at risk from road hazards, Total partners with local authorities and schools on an education and awareness programs for six- to 12-year-olds. In 2014, the programs reached 300,000 children.

"At first the inspections made transporters feel like they were being checked up on. Now they welcome them: they help them improve and share professional tips, as well as bring up the problems they encounter on the road."

Serge Ceyrat, Transportation Inspector, NB2S (EB-Trans)