Service Stations, Prime Locations for Innovation

Nearly 4,200 service stations meet the new expectations of 2 million customers a day

M-payment and mobile money

Total has offered money transfer services since 2010 and mobile payment solutions with various partner carriers since 2013. Orange subscribers can transfer money, make purchases at stores, pay their power and water bills and even use certain financial services such as paycheck cashing and sending or receiving wire transfers. In 2014, 3.6 million mobile transactions were carried out at Total stations in seven African countries. In 2015, we will extend the partnership to another eight countries in which Total and Orange operate.

“Young Dealers” program

Launched in 1960, this program helps young people who have proved themselves at Total retail outlets to strike out as entrepreneurs by becoming managers of their own service stations. Today, almost 30% of the roughly 4,200 Total stations in Africa are run by “Young Dealers.” In 2013, to take the program to the next level, Total Sénégal and the CESAG business school created a professional bachelor's degree in small business. The aim is to strengthen the management skills of “Young Dealers” by allowing them to earn a recognized qualification. 


To do more to prevent pollution risks at our stations, we have made additions to our “Invariants” program, a set of priority standards. They include performing an acoustic emission test every five years to check the integrity of single-wall tanks and pipes, installing double-wall tanks at new facilities and making sure no water collection equipment is located near stations. Offloading areas are also grouped together, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are buried and discharge installations are eliminated

Food services

We are introducing a host of innovations in partnership with local businesses. The latest is the Tweat banner, which offers regional chicken-based dishes. Our goal is to open nine restaurants in Côte d’Ivoire and others in Cameroon, Mali and Senegal in 2015. 

Access to solar solutions

Warranted for two years and priced to be affordable to lowincome households, Awango by Total lamps and cell phone chargers are sold in 18 African countries, including through our service stations. (See Access to Energy)

New digital services

In Senegal, through the interest we acquired in the start-up Wizall, we are launching a group purchasing site for Africa and the African diaspora in mid-2015. We are introducing innovative, competitively priced services and practices, offering cash-to-goods e-vouchers that can be used in our service station shops to buy fuel, gas, food and other items. We plan to expand this option to allow customers to pick up goods purchased on local and international websites at Total stations. 

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