Developing a Major Gas Project in Australia

Ichthys LNG is a core project that will serve global LNG demand, projected to grow at 4% per year to 2030.

Sharing our expertise with the operator. Ichthys LNG is three mega-projects rolled into one: offshore facilities comprising a subsea production system, a central processing facility and an FPSO; an on-shore LNG plant in Darwin; and an 889-kilometer gas export pipeline connecting the two. Total has a 30% working interest in Ichthys LNG, alongside Japan’s INPEX, the operator. Our contribution to the project is more than just financial. With nearly 50 Total employees seconded to INPEX, our partner can capitalize on our LNG, deep offshore and large-scale project management expertise to move the project toward first gas. 

Opportunities offered by community engagement. In particular, in the context of Ichthys LNG, stakeholder engagement is not only essential; it ensures sustainability and operational excellence. Engagement with local Aboriginal communities is particularly strong, and more than 600 Aboriginal people have been employed since construction began. 
This open, ongoing dialogue was instrumental during the survey that uncovered a sacred site 1,300 years old: the route of a planned pipeline in the area was changed to protect the site. 

A plan to safeguard Darwin’s biodiversity has also been implemented. The project’s impacts on marine water quality, mangrove
community and coral health, and turtles, dugongs, fish and dolphins are being closely monitored. Surveys conducted in partnership with Aboriginal communities and the local government have shown that the impacts have been less significant than had been anticipated.


  • Total promotes the use of gas for power generation, since it emits half the amount of carbon dioxide as coal.
  • Natural gas now accounts for more than 50% of our oil and gas production, versus 35% in 2003.

"The Ichthys lNG project is the most high-profile partnership between Total and INPEX to date, but our relationship actually dates back to the 1960s. at INPEX, we value Total's project management expertise, which will help bring this project to fruition."

Hitoshi Okawa, Director, Corporate Coordination for INPEX