First Commercial Flights with Total-Amyris Biojet Fuel

New biofuels for aviation. As air transportation grows, we are innovating by developing more efficient fuels that significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with this industry. This is one of the aims of the cooperation begun in 2010 with Amyris, a California-based synthetic biology start-up of which we are the lead industrial shareholder. Created in 2003, Amyris has developed a technology that uses engineered yeast strains to convert sugar into building block molecules for transportation fuels and chemicals.

A major step forward in 2014. In June last year, the Total-Amyris biojet fuel, which can contain up to 10% farnesane, a renewable molecule, received ASTM International* certification, enabling it to be used for commercial flights worldwide. The first took place in the fall. The new fuel is now used for weekly Lab’line for the Future flights operated by Air France between Toulouse and Paris.

The next steps. Total and Amyris are continu- ing their R&D to meet two more challenges: reducing manufacturing costs to improve the competitiveness of this innovative product and expanding its marketing. The ultimate aim is to produce molecules from advanced sugars derived from lignocellulose extracted from plant waste.

"As it strives to reduce its environmental footprint, Air France is leading the French aviation industry in implementing renewable fuels. We operate a weekly flight from Toulouse to Orly Airport in the Paris region powered by the renewable fuel developed by Total and Amyris. That reduces our carbon emissions by around 500 kilograms."

Sophie Virapin, Executive Vice President, Sustainable Development & Environment, Air France

* Formerly the american Society for testing and Materials.