Total Employees, Our Top Shareholder Group

In late 2014, Total launched a new capital increase reserved for employees. Forty-two percent of employees in more than 100 countries reserved shares.

A strong employee shareholder culture. Giving all employees a chance to share in their company's profits has been a strong focus of Total's compensation and staff retention policies for more than 20 years. Holding a capital increase reserved for employees every two years is a key method of boosting their share ownership. The increase is offered in every Total host country — provided the law allows — and every affiliate in which we own at least 50% of the share capital. As at December 31, 2014, our employees held 4.6% of Total’s share capital, corresponding to a market value of around €5 billion. At Annual Shareholders' Meetings, they are the biggest group in terms of voting rights exercised. To make share ownership even more attractive, the latest capital increase included an employer matching contribution of up to 10 free shares for the first five purchased, in addition to the usual 20% discount on the purchase price of shares and a format that ensures employees will recoup their original investment and receive a guaranteed minimum return.

A very attractive offer for all employees, reaching all the way to China. This year, 48.4% of our Chinese employees reserved shares, compared to 2% the last time around. The capital increase’s popularity was spurred by a strong push on the part of Total's management and HR teams in China to reach out to employees in the 24 affiliates eligible. Information meetings were held, brochures and posters were translated and printed up, tax advice was provided, personnel in the field were given access to a computer and training was offered in how to complete the online subscription application.


  • We are the French company with the highest employee share ownership rate. 
  • We aim to grow our subscriber base as much as possible each time: all employees must be able to become shareholders.

"Our success in China has a lot to do with the matching contribution, but also the engagement of local teams. It's a fantastic demonstration of the Total Attitude"

Catherine Min, Total China, Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics Coordination