We are an integrated company, whose knowledge and expertise encompass the entire energy value chain

Upstream Segment

Exploration & Production conducts our oil and natural gas exploration, development and production operations.

Gas & Power unlocks the value of our natural gas assets. Its capabilities span the liquefied natural gas chain, from liquefaction to shipping and regasification, as well as natural gas marketing. 

Refining & Chemicals Segment

Refining & Chemicals is a major production hub, with expertise covering refining, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals.

Trading & Shipping sells our crude oil production, supplies our refineries with feedstock, charters the vessels required for these activities, and trades in different derivatives markets.

Marketing & Services Segment

Marketing & Services designs and markets a broad array of refined products, including automotive fuel and specialty products such as lubricants, special fluids, LPG, heating and heavy fuel oil, asphalt, additives and special fuels.

New Energies is helping us to prepare the energy future by developing our expertise in two core renewable energies, solar and biomass, with operations ranging from R&D to marketing our solutions.