TOTAL provides energy-related products and services to customers around the world by discovering, producing and transforming oil and gas, as well as other natural resources (solar and biomass).

The Group’s goal is to be a global, integrated energy company - a leading international oil company and a world-class operator in gas, petrochemicals, solar energy and, tomorrow, biomass. To realize this goal, TOTAL leverages its integrated business model, which enables it to capture synergies between the different business
segments of the Group. Together, TOTAL’s commitments to ethical practices, safety and corporate social responsibility form a shared foundation allowing the achievement of four strategic objectives:

  • driving profitable, sustainable growth in exploration and production;
  • developing competitive, top-tier refining and petrochemical complexes;
  • responding to customer needs by delivering innovative solutions; and
  • consolidating the Group’s leadership in solar energy and continuing to explore biomass, in order to offer the most appropriate energy solutions.

At the core of TOTAL’s strategy is a strong belief that energy is vital, drives progress and must be made available to everyone. Energy is a precious resource that must be used wisely.

The Group is helping to produce the growing amount of energy that people around the planet need to live and thrive, while ensuring that its operations consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. TOTAL is meeting this challenge with and for its fellow employees, its stakeholders and the local communities, in ways that exceed what is generally expected.

Respect, responsibility and exemplary behavior are the values that underpin TOTAL’s Code of Conduct. It is through strict adherence to these core values and fundamental principles that TOTAL will be able to build strong and sustainable growth for the Group and its stakeholders.