The Marketing & Services segment was created on January 1, 2012, following the reorganization of the Downstream and Chemicals segments, and includes worldwide supply and marketing activities in the oil products field, as well as, since July 1, 2012, the activity of New Energies (1).

  • Among the largest marketers in Western Europe (2)
  • N°1 marketer in Africa (3)
  • 14,829 service stations at year-end 2014 (excluding AS24 service stations)
  • €1.8 billion invested in 2014
  • 28,107 employees present

2014 refined products sales (a)

Graphic : 2014 refined products sales

Sales volumes in 2014 increased slightly compared to 2013, due to higher sales in sales in growth areas (notably in Africa and the Middle East) and offset by lower sales in Europe, mainly due to the impact of weather conditions.

Marketing & Services segment financial data

Table : Marketing & Services segment financial data

The Marketing & Services segment’s non-Group sales were 106 B$ in 2014, a 4% decrease compared to 2013.

Adjusted net operating income for the Marketing & Services segment in 2014 was 1,254 M$, a decrease of 19% compared to 2013. Other than the accounting effect in the fourth quarter mentioned above, the decrease is mainly due to weather conditions in the first half in Europe, and lower margins in 2014, notably in the European network.

The ROACE(4) for the Marketing & Services segment was 13.3% for 2014, compared to 16.1% for 2013.

2014 refined products sales by geographical area: 1,769 kb/d (a)

Graphic : 2014 refined products sales by geographical area: 1,749 kb/d


(1) As a result of the reorganization, information relating to previous comparative periods has been restated.
(2) Data published by the companies based on quantities sold in 2014.
(3) PFC Energy and Company data 2014.
(4) Calculated based on adjusted net operating income and average capital employed, using replacement cost.