Africa & the Middle East

TOTAL is the leading marketer of petroleum products on the African continent and select Middle Eastern countries, with a market share averaging 16%(1) in 2014. The Group’s networks in these high-growth markets grew from 4,500 service stations in 2013 to 4,800 in 2014, spread over close to fifty countries. The Group operates major networks in South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco.

In Egypt, TOTAL acquired the Shell and Chevron service station networks and wholesale business in 2013, allowing the Group to become in 2014 the second largest private operator in Africa’s largest market, with a 14% network market share(2).

In Jordan, TOTAL continued developing its service station network and wholesale business following its acquisition of a distribution license in 2012, enabling the Group to reach a market share of 33.8%(3) in 2014 (159 service stations).

In the Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Burkina Faso, M&S acquired in 2014 the networks of independent oil and gas companies to increase its market share in these countries.

Finally, to strengthen its local presence, M&S began a process of opening up the share capital of select subsidiaries to regional investors, particularly in Morocco and Senegal.

TOTAL is pursuing a strategy for growth in specialty products markets in Africa and the Middle East. M&S, which relies in particular on a lubricants blending plant in Dubai, started up new plants of this type in Egypt in 2012 and in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

Moreover, TOTAL has become a leading partner for mining customers in Africa by delivering supply chain and management solutions for fuels and lubricants.

Finally, TOTAL continued to develop its Awango by Total solar solutions, expanding this line to four new countries on the African continent in 2014 (for additional information, refer to point 3.4. of Chapter 7).

(1) Market share in the countries where the Group operates, based on 2013 publicly available information on quantities sold.
(2) PFC Energy 2013.
(3) Company data.