At year-end 2014, TOTAL was present in more than twenty countries in the Asia-Pacific region and continues to strengthen its position in the distribution of fuels and specialty products. TOTAL operates service station networks in China, Pakistan, the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia, and is a significant player in the Pacific islands. The Group’s network continued to grow, reaching slightly more than 1,000 service stations at year-end 2014. Ground transportation lubricant sales in the area increased by 2.5% in 2014 compared with 2013.

In China, the Group was operating approximately 200 service stations at year-end 2014 through two joint ventures with Sinochem and a wholly-owned subsidiary. In October 2013, the Group opened its third lubricants blending plant in China. Located in Tianjin, this state-of-the-art plant has a capacity of 200 kt / y.

In Pakistan, TOTAL, with its local partner PARCO, is in the process of acquiring Chevron’s distribution network. This acquisition should expand TOTAL’s network by more than 500 service stations and strengthen the Group’s distribution and logistics capacities in Pakistan.

In Singapore, one of the Group’s largest lubricants blending plants, featuring a capacity of 310 kt / y, is currently under construction. Operations are scheduled to start in mid-2015.

In India, TOTAL continued to strengthen its positions in the lubricants and LPG sectors with the expansion of its LPG network to 48 stations. In 2012, TOTAL inaugurated its first lubricants, bitumen, special fluids and additives technical center outside of Europe.

In Vietnam, TOTAL continued to strengthen its presence in the specialty products market. The Group became one of the leaders in the Vietnamese LPG market with the acquisition of Vinagas in 2012.