In Europe, the Group continues to optimize its Marketing activities while growing in growth markets and segments.

In Western Europe, TOTAL has a network of more than 8,500 service stations(2) spread over France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy. TOTAL is regaining market share in these areas (+1%(1) over the 2012-2014 period) by developing an innovative and diversified line of products and services.

In France, the dense retail network includes 1,570 TOTAL-branded service stations, more than 650 Total Access stations (service station concept combining low prices and premium TOTAL-branded fuels and services) and approximately 1,500 Elan service stations, which are located mainly in rural areas. Since its launch in 2011, Total Access has led to the Group regaining more than 2%(1) market share.

In addition, TOTAL offers an expanded fuel and service offering to 131,000 vehicle fleets (i.e., 1.9 million GR card holders).

TOTAL holds stakes in twenty-eight depots in France, five of which are operated by Group companies.

In Germany, TOTAL is the country’s fourth largest operator and continues to expand its network. With more than 1,160 service stations at year-end 2014, the Group has gained 1% in market share in two years.

In Italy, TOTAL holds a 49% stake in TotalErg, which is the country’s fourth largest operator with close to 2,800 service stations. As part of an asset optimization strategy, TotalErg ceased production at its Rome refinery in late 2012 and subsequently converted that site into a logistics hub for petroleum products storage.

To distribute its specialty products, the Group benefits from an extensive network in Europe and relies on numerous industrial facilities to produce lubricants (mainly Rouen in France and Ertvelde in Belgium), special fluids (Oudalle in France) and bitumen (Brunsbüttel in Germany).

In Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, TOTAL accelerated the growth of its positions in 2014 in the growing markets of Eastern Europe, especially for lubricants and specialty bitumen products.

In Europe, the Group is a major player in the market for fuel-payment cards, with nearly 3.3 million cards issued.

With the AS24 card, TOTAL has a dedicated offering for the heavyduty vehicles segment in twenty-nine European countries. Bolstered by a network of more than 740 service stations, AS24 is expected to continue to grow primarily through expansion in the Mediterranean basin and Eastern Europe and through its toll payment card service, which covers nearly twenty countries.


(1) Company data.