Product and services developments

In 2014, TOTAL continued its technical partnerships in racing, in particular with Renault (Renault Sport F1) and PSA Citroën (WRC and WTCC). These partnerships demonstrate TOTAL’s technical excellence in the formulation of fuels and lubricants under extreme conditions and requirements to reduce fuel consumption. At end-2014, TOTAL and Renault renewed their global partnership for the next five years, in the areas of R&D, business relations with Renault after-sales networks and Formula 1.

In order to respond to developments in world markets and prepare tomorrow’s growth opportunities, TOTAL develops energy solutions in collaboration with its consumer and professional customers that optimize their energy bills such as the Total Écosolutions product and service label (refer to point 2.2.4. of chapter 7). These solutions integrate a diversified range of energy sources (fuels, gas, photovoltaics and wood pellets, the sales capacities of which increased in Europe in 2014) as well as consumption auditing, monitoring and management services. In 2012, TOTAL launched the Tenag joint venture in Germany, in which the Group holds 49%, and in 2014 acquired BHC Energy in France, both devoted to energy efficiency.

TOTAL also supports the development of alternative fuels other than conventional fossil energies:

  • Hydrogen: Through its “Clean Energy Partnership” (CEP) in Germany, TOTAL participates in the development of a network of hydrogen stations with the goal of developing fifty hydrogen stations by year-end 2015. In addition, TOTAL and its partners in the “H2 Mobility Germany”(1) initiative signed an agreement to create a joint venture with the aim of constructing a network of approximately 400 hydrogen stations by 2023, subject to deployment of more than 250,000 fuel-cell electric vehicles.
  • Electro-mobility: TOTAL has approximately twenty prototype electric vehicle refueling stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The development and demonstration of the distribution of electricity (fast charge) intended for electric vehicles continued in 2014 in TOTAL’s European subsidiaries through industrial partnerships with Renault, Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, EDF and Tesla.
  •  LNG: TOTAL’s European subsidiaries continued to monitor the potential of LNG as a fuel for heavy duty vehicles in 2014.