North America

The Group’s main sites are located in Texas, in Port Arthur (refinery, steam cracker), Bayport (polyethylene) and La Porte (polypropylene), and in Louisiana, in Carville (styrene, polystyrene).

Located on the same site in Port Arthur, TOTAL wholly owns a 169 kb / d capacity refinery as well as a 40% stake in a steam cracker (BASF Total Petrochemicals, BTP). The Group is working to strengthen the synergies between these two plants.

The new pipeline connecting the Port Arthur refinery with the Sun terminal in Nederland was commissioned in 2014, allowing easy access to all domestic crudes, at an advantage compared with the international market.

As a result of the investments made to adapt its furnaces and build a tenth ethane furnace, which was commissioned in March 2014, the BTP cracker is now able to produce more than 1 Mt / y of ethylene, including more than 85% from advantaged feedstock (mainly ethane, propane, butane). BTP thus benefits from favorable market conditions in the United States. Furthermore, TOTAL has initiated studies regarding the construction of a new ethane steam cracker on the Port Arthur site, in synergy with the refinery and BTP steam cracker. The investment decision is expected to be made in 2016.