Specialty Chemicals

The specialty chemicals businesses include elastomer processing (Hutchinson) and electroplating chemistry (Atotech). They primarily serve the automotive, construction, electronics, aerospace and convenience goods markets, for which marketing strategy, innovation and customer service are key drivers. TOTAL markets specialty products in more than sixty countries and intends to develop by combining organic growth and targeted acquisitions. This development is focused on high-growth markets and the marketing of innovative products with high added value that meet the Group’s Sustainable Development approach.

In 2014, consolidated worldwide sales of specialty chemicals activities (excluding Bostik) totaled €4.4 billion ($5.9 billion), a 6% increase compared to 2013 and up 7% compared to 2012.

On February 2, 2015, TOTAL finalized the divestment of its wholly-owned subsidiary Bostik, specialized in adhesive chemicals, to the Arkema group. This divestment follows the offer received from Arkema in September 2014. Bostik counts approximately 4,900 employees over forty-eight global production sites with sales of €1.5 billion ($2 billion) in 2014.

Elastomer processing

Hutchinson designs and provides innovative and tailor-made solutions to support automotive and aircraft manufacturers and major industries (defense, energy) across the world. Among the industry’s leaders worldwide (4) , the company mainly develops anti-vibration and fluid management systems as well as sealing solutions that combine performance and energy efficiency.

Hutchinson has more than ninety production sites and 28,900 employees across the world to cater to its customers.

Hutchinson’s sales were €3.5 billion in 2014 ($4.6 billion), up 6% compared to 2013.

This growth was due to the strong performance of the world’s automotive markets, especially German and Asian manufacturers. In July 2013, Hutchinson entered into a joint venture with the Japanese company, Nichirin, in the automobile brake hose segment at Palamos in Spain.

In 2014, Hutchinson also performed well on its other markets, particularly civil aeronautics and helicopters. To consolidate its position, at the end of 2012, Hutchinson acquired Marquez, a Canadian company specializing in composite air-conditioning circuits. Moreover, to enhance its product portfolio for the oil and gas industry, Hutchinson acquired Gasket International in July 2013, a company that specializes in the production of sealing parts for valves.

Since 2014, all Hutchinson entities that previously operated under twenty-six different brand names have been marketed under a unique Hutchinson brand name for greater consistency and visibility.


Atotech is the leading company in the electroplating sector based on worldwide sales (1) . It is active in the markets for electronics (printed circuits, semiconductors) and general surface treatments (automotive, construction, furnishing).

Atotech has seventeen production sites worldwide, including seven in Asia, six in Europe, three in North America and one in South America.

The Company’s sales totaled €0.95 billion in 2014 ($1.3 billion), up by 7% compared to 2013, primarily due to the growth in sales of electroplating equipment for the electronics market.

In 2014, Atotech successfully pursued its strategy to differentiate its products through a comprehensive service provided to its customers in terms of equipment, processes, design of facilities and chemical products and through the development of green, innovative technologies to reduce environmental footprint. This strategy relies on global coverage provided by its technical centers located near customers.

Atotech intends to continue to grow in Asia, which already represents approximately 67% of its global sales.

In order to strengthen its position in the electronics market, Atotech plans to increase and modernize its production capacity in Asia with two major projects in Malaysia and China. By relocating production as close as possible to its markets, these two projects are also part of its cost-cutting strategy.