In 2014, TOTAL’s production in Asia-Pacific was 238 kboe / d, representing 11% of the Group’s total production, compared with 235 kboe / d in 2013 and 221 kboe / d in 2012.

In Australia, where TOTAL has held leasehold rights since 2005, the Group’s production was 4 kboe / d in 2014 and in 2013, and 5 kboe / d 2012.

  • Following the acquisition of an additional 6% stake in 2013, TOTAL has held a 30% stake in the Ichthys project. Launched in early 2012, the project involves the development of a gas and condensate field in the Browse basin. The development consists of a floating platform designed for gas production, treatment and export, an FPSO (processing capacity of 100 kb / d of condensates) to stabilize and export condensates, an 889 km gas pipeline and an onshore liquefaction plant in Darwin with a capacity of 8.4 Mt / y of LNG and 1.6 Mt / y of LPG (liquified petroleum gas). The LNG has already been sold mainly to Asian buyers under long-term contracts.
  • GLNG (27.5%) is an integrated gas production, transport and liquefaction project with a capacity of 7.2 Mt / y, based on the development of coal seam gas from the Fairview, Roma, Scotia and Arcadia fields. The upstream development of the project and the liquefaction plant are nearing completion.
  • In 2013, the WA-492 and WA-493 licenses in the Carnarvon basin were awarded to TOTAL (100%, operator). A 2D seismic campaign began in January 2015.
  • TOTAL holds a 40% stake in the WA-343-P license.
  • At year-end 2012, TOTAL reduced its share in the WA-408 license located in the Browse basin (50%, operator) by disposing of 50% of its stake. Drilled in the first half of 2013, the first exploration well, Basset-1, revealed hydrocarbons. Completed at year-end 2013, the second exploration well has been definitively abandoned.
  • On the WA-403 license (60%, operator) located in the Bonaparte basin, a well drilled in 2011 indicated the presence of hydrocarbons. A 3D seismic survey was conducted in 2013. The adjacent Block WA-402-P was relinquished in July 2014.
  • In 2012, TOTAL signed an agreement to enter three shale gas exploration licenses in the South Georgina basin in the center of the country. In the second half of 2013, a 2D seismic survey was conducted on these three licenses.

In Brunei, where TOTAL has been present since 1986, the Group operates the offshore Maharaja Lela Jamalulalam gas and condensate field located on Block B (37.5%). The Group’s production in 2014 was 15 kboe / d compared with 13 kboe / d in 2013 and 12 kboe / d in 2012. The gas is delivered to the Brunei LNG liquefaction plant.

In 2013, the study regarding the additional development south of the field (Maharaja Lela South) was completed. The project was officially launched in early 2014 with the signature of most of the contracts and a 20-year extension of the existing license.

Studies are currently being conducted to reassess the potential of the deep offshore exploration Block CA1 (54%, operator), which includes the Jagus East discovery.

In China, TOTAL has been present since 2006 on the South Sulige Block located in the Ordos basin in Inner Mongolia province.

Following appraisal work by TOTAL, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and TOTAL agreed to a development plan pursuant to which CNPC is the operator and TOTAL holds a 49% stake. The authorities approved this development plan in April 2014. After an initial test phase that began in August 2012, the Group’s production in 2014 was 12 kboe / d compared with 8 kboe / d in 2013. The drilling of development wells continues.

In March 2013, TOTAL and Sinopec concluded a joint study agreement relating to shale gas potential on the Xuancheng license (4,000 km²) close to Nanjing. A 2D seismic survey covering 600 km was conducted from October 2013 to February 2014. The drilling of an initial exploration well started in late 2014.

In Indonesia, where TOTAL has had operations since 1968, the Group’s production was 130 kboe / d in 2014 compared with 131 kboe / d in 2013 and 132 kboe / d in 2012.

TOTAL’s operations in Indonesia are primarily concentrated on the Mahakam license (50%, operator), which covers in particular the Peciko and Tunu gas fields. TOTAL also has a stake in the Sisi-Nubi gas field (47.9%, operator). The Group delivers most of its natural gas production to the Bontang LNG plant. These volumes of gas accounted for approximately 80% of Bontang’s LNG supply in 2014. This gas production is supplemented by condensate and oil production from the Handil and Bekapai fields, which are operated by the Group.

  • With regard to the Mahakam license:
    • Tunu: in 2014, additional development wells were drilled in the main reservoir as well as in the shallow gas reservoirs;
    • Peciko: phase 7 drilling operations continue;
    • South Mahakam: production started in 2012 and development drilling operations continued. Phase 3 of the project, which includes the development of the Jempang and Metulang fields, is currently underway; and
    • Sisi-Nubi: drilling operations are continuing within the framework of a second phase of development. The gas from Sisi-Nubi is produced through Tunu’s processing facilities.
  • On the Sebuku license (15%), production started at the Ruby gas field in October 2013 with a capacity of approximately 100 Mcf / d. Ruby’s production is transported by pipeline for processing and separation at the Senipah terminal operated by TOTAL.
  • On the Sadang (30%), Sageri (50%), Arafura Sea (24.5%) and Amborip VI (24.5%) Blocks, the Group has applied to the authorities to withdraw from these blocks. In addition, and following the withdrawal of the other partners, the Group’s stake in the South Sageri Block increased from 45% to 100% (operator), while its share in the South Mandar Block increased from 33% to 49.3%.
  • In December 2014, TOTAL sold a 20% stake in the Bengkulu I-Mentawai Block (80%, operator), located in the Bengkulu offshore basin southwest of Sumatra. An exploration well was drilled on the block in 2014.
  • In early 2015, the Group sold its stakes in the two coal bed methane (CBM) Blocks located in the province of East Kalimantan, Kutai II (18.4%) and Kutai Timur (50%).
  • The Group also holds a stake in the Telen Block (100%, operator) located in East Kalimantan province.
  • The Group has decided to withdraw from the South East Mahakam exploration Block (50%, operator) in East Kalimantan province and the South West Bird’s Head exploration Block (90%, operator) located in West Papua.

In Malaysia, where TOTAL has been active since 2008, the Group holds stakes in three exploration licenses (SB-N, DW2E, SK 317 B).

In January 2014, the Group acquired a stake in the DW2E license (85%, operator) located in deep offshore. A 3D seismic campaign of 2,050 km² was completed late 2014.

On the SK 317 B exploration Block (85%, operator) located in Sarawak’s deep offshore, the first exploration well, Pelangi-1, started in December 2013, revealing gaseous hydrocarbons. A second exploration well, Pelangi-2, started in November 2014.

At the end of the exploration period, TOTAL withdrew from the PM324 Block (50%, operator), located in the Malay basin.

In Myanmar, the Group’s production in 2014 was 17 kboe / d compared with 16 kboe / d in 2013 and 2012.

The Yadana field (31.2%, operator), located on the offshore Blocks M5 and M6, primarily produces gas for delivery to PTT (Thai stateowned company) for use in Thai power plants. The Yadana field also supplies the domestic market via two pipelines built and operated by MOGE, a Myanmar state-owned company. The LCPBadamyar project, which includes the installation of the Badamyar compression and development platform, connected to the Yadana facilities, was launched in September 2014.

In 2014, the Group was awarded the deep offshore Block YWB (100%, operator) during the offshore round launched by the Burmese authorities. The PSC was signed in February 2015.

On offshore Block M-11, located in the Martaban basin, the Group requested a new two-year exploration phase in October 2014 and, following the withdrawal of a partner, increased its stake from the 40% acquired in 2012 to approximately 47.06%. The first exploration well, Manizawta-1, was drilled in 2013.

In Papua New Guinea, where TOTAL has been active since 2012, the Group acquired a stake in Block PRL-15 (40.1%) in March 2014. The Papua New Guinea government retains the right to acquire a 22.5% stake in the block when the final investment decision is made. Following the government’s entry, TOTAL’s stake would
be reduced to 31.1%.

Block PRL15 contains the two major discoveries of Elk and Antelope. A program to delineate these discoveries is currently underway with the drilling of two wells, the first of which started in October 2014, and the second of which started in December 2014. TOTAL has also launched pre-development studies of the Elk and Antelope fields, including the construction of an onshore gas liquefaction plant.

In 2012, TOTAL acquired a 40% stake in the PPL244 offshore license, and secured options to acquire 40% in the PPL234 offshore license, 50% in the PRL10 offshore license and 35% in the PPL338 and PPL339 onshore licenses.

  • On the offshore PPL244 license, two exploration wells were drilled in 2013.
  • The PPL234 option has not been exercised and the license expired in July 2014.
  • On the onshore PPL338 and PPL339 licenses, a 2D seismic survey was conducted in 2013. A gradiometer survey was performed on the onshore PPL339 license. The option related to the onshore PPL338 license that expired in March 2014 was not exercised due to the minimal geological interest on the license.

In the Philippines, TOTAL has held since 2012 a 75% stake in the SC56 license located in the deep offshore of the southern Sulu Sea. Following interpretation of the data from a seismic campaign in 2013, TOTAL and its partner have decided to drill an exploration well on the block. In October 2014, TOTAL became the operator of the block.

In Thailand, the Group’s production in 2014 was 60 kboe / d compared with 63 kboe / d in 2013 and 55 kboe / d in 2012. This production comes from the Bongkot (33.33%) offshore gas and condensate field. PTT purchases all of the natural gas and condensate production from this field.

  • In the northern portion of the Bongkot field, new investments are in progress to maintain plateau and meet gas demand:
    • phase 3L (two wellhead platforms) was approved in 2012 and commenced production in 2014;
    • phase 3 m (four wellhead platforms) was approved in 2013; and
    • phase 3N (three wellhead platforms) was approved in 2014.
  • The southern portion of the field (Greater Bongkot South) is also being developed in several phases. This development is designed to include a processing platform, a living-quarters platform and thirteen production platforms:
    • phase 4A (six wellhead platforms) commenced production in 2012;
    • phase 4B (four wellhead platforms) commenced production in 2014; and
    • phase 4C (three wellhead platforms) is under development. Exploration on these licenses is ongoing with wells drilled annually (two in 2014).

In Vietnam, the Group no longer holds any exploration interests following the sale in 2013 of its stake in offshore Block 15-1 / 05 (35%).