In 2014, TOTAL’s production in Europe was 364 kboe / d, representing 17% of the Group’s total production, compared with 392 kboe / d in 2013 and 427 kboe / d in 2012.

In Bulgaria, the Khan Asparuh license, which covers 14,220 km² in the Black Sea, was awarded to TOTAL in 2012. In March 2013, TOTAL sold 60% of its stake, retaining a 40% interest. A 2D and 3D seismic survey was performed from June 2013 to January 2014 and the data is currently being processed and interpreted. TOTAL became the operator of the block in April 2014.

In Cyprus, TOTAL has been present since 2013 in the deep offshore exploration Block 10 (100%, operator) and Block 11 (100%, operator) located southwest of the country. Following a 3D seismic survey carried out on Block 11 in 2013, a 2D seismic survey on Block 10 was conducted in February 2014.

In Denmark, TOTAL has since 2010 held an 80% stake and operated the 1 / 10 (Nordjylland) and 2 / 10 (Nordsjaelland) licenses. These onshore licenses, whose shale gas potential continues to be assessed, cover areas of 3,000 km² and 2,300 km², respectively.

Following geoscience surveys on license 1 / 10 in 2011, the decision was made to drill a well.

On license 2 / 10, a gravimetric survey was completed in 2013.

In France, the Group’s production in 2014 was 2 kboe / d compared with 9 kboe / d in 2013 and 13 kboe / d in 2012.

In October 2013, TOTAL ended commercial gas operations on Lacq, which had begun in 1957. The transfer of the Lacq concession was approved by French authorities in October 2014.

On the Lacq field, the CO2 capture, injection and storage pilot commissioned in 2010 ended in 2013.

The Montelimar exclusive exploration license awarded to TOTAL in 2010 to assess, in particular, the shale gas potential of the area, was abrogated by the government in October 2011. This revocation stemmed from the law of July 13, 2011, prohibiting the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons by drilling followed by hydraulic fracturing. An appeal filed in December 2011 with the administrative court requesting that the judge cancel the revocation of the license is pending.

In Italy, TOTAL holds a stake in two exploration licenses and in the Tempa Rossa field (50%, operator), discovered in 1989 and located on the Gorgoglione concession (Basilicate region). The final investment decision for Tempa Rossa was made in July 2012 and development is ongoing. The Gorgoglione well was tested in 2012 and confirmed the results obtained from the other wells. A sidetrack was drilled at the TR-2 well and another started in June 2014 on the TR-1 well.

In 2013, TOTAL sold 25% of its 75% stake in Tempa Rossa, thereby reducing its stake to 50%.

In Norway, where the Group has had operations since 1965, TOTAL has equity stakes in 96 production licenses on the Norwegian maritime continental shelf, 29 of which it operates. In 2014, the Group’s production was 242 kboe / d, compared to 243 kboe / d in 2013 and 275 kboe / d in 2012. The decrease in production between 2012 and 2014 was mainly due to the natural decline of mature fields.

  • In the Norwegian North Sea, the most substantial contribution to the Group’s production, comes from the non-operated Greater Ekofisk Area (Ekofisk, Eldfisk, Embla, etc.).
  • In the southern Norwegian North Sea: In the Greater Ekofisk Area, the Group owns a 39.9% stake in the Ekofisk and Eldfisk fields. Production started in October 2013 at Ekofisk South, and in January 2015 at Eldfisk II (capacity of 70 kboe / d each).
  • In the central part of the Norwegian North Sea: The development of the Gina Krog field (30%) located north of Sleipner was approved in 2013.
  • In the northern part of the Norwegian North Sea: The Islay field (100%, operator) started production in 2012. This field extends on each side of the Norwegian / UK border and the Group’s interest in the Norwegian part is 5.51%. The Stjerne field, located on license PL104 (14.7%), and the Visund South field, located on license PL120 (7.7%), were put into production in 2013 and 2012, respectively. On license PL120 (7.7%), the fast-track development of Visund North allowed production to start in 2013. On the Greater Hild Area (51%, operator), the Martin Linge development (capacity of 80 kboe / d) was approved by the authorities in 2012. In 2013, the authorities approved the Oseberg Delta phase 2 project (14.7%), located on production licenses PL104 and PL79. The Oseberg East TSV project (14.7%) was approved in 2014.
  • In the Norwegian Sea, the Haltenbanken area includes the Tyrihans (23.2%), Mikkel (7.7%) and Kristin (6%) fields, as well as the Åsgard field (7.7%) and its satellites. The Norwegian authorities approved the Åsgard sub-sea compression project in 2012. The main contracts have all been signed and various components were installed during the summer of 2014. The Polarled project (5.11%), approved in 2012, involves the installation of a 481 km long pipeline from the Aasta Hansen field to the Nyhamna terminal, as well as expansion of the terminal.
  • In the Barents Sea, a project intended to improve the performance of the Snøhvit gas liquefaction plant (18.4%, 4.2 Mt / y capacity) was launched in 2012. The plant is supplied with gas from the Snøhvit, Albatross and Askeladd fields.

Several exploration wells were drilled on a number of licenses during the 2012-14 period with discoveries on Helene (PL120, 11%) and Trell (PL102G, 40%, operator) in 2014, on Smørbukk North (PL479, 7.68%) and Rhea (PL120, 7.68%) in 2013, as well as on Garantiana (PL554, 40%, operator) and King Lear (PL146 and 333, 22.2%) in 2012. In 2014, the well drilled on Garantiana enabled an increase in estimated oil volumes.

In addition, the Group continues to optimize its portfolio in Norway by obtaining new licenses and divesting a number of non-strategic assets. To this end, in October 2014, TOTAL concluded an agreement to sell an 8% stake in the Gina Krog field, thereby reducing its stake to 30%, and all of its interests in the Vilje (24.24%), Vale (24.24%) and Morvin (6%) fields. The transaction was approved by the Norwegian authorities in December 2014.

In the Netherlands, TOTAL has conducted natural gas exploration and production operations since 1964 and currently holds interests in twenty-four offshore production licenses, including twenty that it operates, and two offshore exploration licenses, E17c (16.92%) and K1c (30%). In 2014, the Group’s production was 31 kboe / d compared with 35 kboe / d in 2013 and 33 kboe / d in 2012.

  • In September 2014, the Dutch authorities awarded the F12 exploration Block to TOTAL.
  • Following the acquisition of additional stakes in 2013, TOTAL now holds a 50% stake in Block K5b and a 60% stake in Blocks K1b / K2a and K2c. TOTAL is the operator of these blocks.
  • A 3D seismic survey of several offshore licenses covering an area of 3,500 km² was conducted in 2012.
  • In August 2013, the K4-Z development project (50%, operator) started production.

In Poland, at the beginning of 2012, TOTAL signed an agreement to acquire a 49% stake in the Chelm and Werbkowice exploration concessions in order to assess their shale gas potential. In February 2014, the licenses were relinquished, and since then the Group no longer holds any exploration interests in the country.

In the United Kingdom, where TOTAL has had operations since 1962, the Group’s production was 89 kboe / d in 2014 compared with 105 kboe / d in 2013 and 106 kboe / d in 2012. About 90% of production comes from operated fields located in two main zones: the Alwyn zone in the northern North Sea, and the Elgin / Franklin zone in the Central Graben.

  • In the Alwyn zone (100%), the start-up of satellite fields or new reservoir compartments partially compensated for the natural decline in production. The N54 and N53 wells were put into production in 2012 and 2011, respectively. In addition, the N55 well, which was drilled in 2012 in the Brent South West panel, was put into production in the second quarter of 2014 and the N56 well (Alwyn Statfjord) in the third quarter of 2014.

On the Dunbar field (100%), a new development phase (Dunbar phase IV) including three well work-overs and the drilling of six new wells is underway.

The Islay field (100%, operator) was put into production in 2012. This field extends on either side of the border between the United Kingdom (94.49%) and Norway (5.51%). Production from the field is processed on the Alwyn North platform.

  • In Central Graben, TOTAL holds stakes in the Elgin, Franklin and West Franklin fields (46.2%, operator). Production at the Elgin, Franklin and West Franklin fields was stopped following a gas leak on the Elgin field in March 2012. In May 2012, the G4 well was definitively secured. Production in the Elgin / Franklin area resumed in March 2013 following the approval of the safety case by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A redevelopment project involving the drilling of five new infill wells on Elgin and Franklin started in July 2013.

In 2014, TOTAL acquired an additional interest (9.5%) in the Glenelg field, thereby increasing its interest from 49.5% to 58.7%.

In addition, the West Franklin Phase II development project continued with the start-up of production of the first well in January 2015.

  • In addition to Alwyn and the Central Graben, a third hub, West of Shetland, is under development. This hub includes the Laggan and Tormore fields (80%, operator) and the P967 license (50%, operator), which includes the Tobermory gas discovery. Production on the Laggan and Tormore fields is expected to start in 2015 with an expected capacity of 90 kboe / d.

Close to Laggan and Tormore, the development of the Edradour East (80%, operator) gas and condensate discovery was sanctioned in 2012. A second well (Spinnaker), near the Edradour East discovery, was drilled in early 2014.

In July 2014, TOTAL acquired an 80% stake and the operatorship in the Glenlivet field located north of Edradour. The proximity of the two fields resulted in reduced development costs, which enabled the launch of a joint development.

In addition, TOTAL purchased an additional 5% stake in the Edradour field in 2014 and now holds 80% of the four fields currently under development: Laggan, Tormore, Edradour and Glenlivet.

TOTAL also holds a stake in three non-operated fields: Bruce (43.25%), Keith (25%), and Markham (7.35%). The Group’s stakes in other non-operated fields (Seymour, Alba, Armada, Maria, Moira, Mungo / Monan and Everest) were divested in 2012.

TOTAL was awarded six new licenses in the 28th Round in November 2014. Four of these licenses are in the West of Shetland area, one in the northern North Sea and one non-operated in the Central Graben.

In early 2014, TOTAL acquired a 40% stake in two onshore shale gas exploration and production licenses (PEDL 139 and 140) located in the Gainsborough Trough basin of the East Midlands, and signed an agreement enabling the Group to acquire a 50% stake in the PEDL 209 license located in the same area. A 70 km² 3D survey campaign was carried out in March and April 2014.