North America

In 2014, TOTAL’s production in North America was 90 kboe / d, representing 4% of the Group’s total production, compared with 73 kboe / d in 2013 and 69 kboe / d in 2012.

In Canada, the Group’s production in 2014 was 12 kboe / d compared to 13 kboe / d in 2013 and 12 kboe / d in 2012. The Group’s oil sands portfolio is focused around two themes: Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) on the Surmont (50%) asset, and mining at Fort Hills (39.2%). In addition, the Group holds stakes in a number of other oil sands leases including Joslyn (38.25%, operator) and Northern Lights (50%, operator).

  • On Surmont, in order to optimize production, additional wells were drilled in 2013 and a decision was made to construct an additional steam generation unit. The second Surmont development phase is under construction (total capacity of phase 1 and 2 estimated at 130 kb / d).
  • The development of the Fort Hills project, with an estimated capacity of 180 kb / d, is under way.
  • On the Joslyn and Nothern Lights assets, a final investment decision is not expected in the near future due to the degraded economic environment.
  • Due to the current economic environment, the Group impaired its oil sands assets in Canada by $2.2 billion in its 2014 consolidated accounts.
  • In 2013, TOTAL finalized the sale of its 49% stake in the Voyageur upgrader project.

In the United States, the Group’s production in 2014 was 78 kboe / d compared with 60 kboe / d in 2013 and 57 kboe / d in 2012.

  • In the Gulf of Mexico:
    • phase 2 of the deep offshore Tahiti oil field (17%) was launched in 2010. This phase comprises drilling four injection wells and two production wells. ;
    • the Chinook 5 well on the deep offshore Chinook project (33.33%) started production in early 2014;
    • the TOTAL (40%) – Cobalt (60%, operator) alliance’s exploration campaign, which was launched in 2009, resumed in 2012 with the Ligurian-2 and North Platte wells, resulting in an oil discovery on the latter. A new drilling campaign commenced in February 2015 with the drilling of the North Platte 2 well.
    • TOTAL is active in shale gas production in Texas via a 25% stake in a joint venture operated by Chesapeake in the Barnett Shale basin. Drilling operations have been sharply reduced since 2012 (approximately 40 wells were drilled in 2014 compared to approximately 60 in 2013 and approximately 100 in 2012).
  • TOTAL is also active in the production of liquids-rich shale gas in the Utica region in Ohio via a joint venture (25%) operated by Chesapeake. Approximately 170 wells were drilled in 2014 (compared to more than 200 wells in 2013 and approximately 100 in 2012) and 207 wells have been connected and have started production (compared with 190 in 2013 and 47 in 2012). In November 2014, TOTAL sold its 25% stake in Cardinal Gas Services LLC, a company providing gas collection and treatment services for Utica.
  • The Group holds a 55.7% stake in American Shale Oil LLC (AMSO), which is developing an in situ shale oil production technology.
  • In 2012, TOTAL entered into a 50 / 50 joint venture with Red Leaf Resources, which is developing an ex situ shale oil production technology. In the summer of 2014, the joint venture launched a production pilot.
  • Regarding this shale oil theme, TOTAL acquired approximately 120 km² of additional land in Colorado and Utah in 2012.

In Mexico, TOTAL is conducting various studies with state-owned PEMEX under a general technical cooperation agreement renewed in July 2011 for a period of five years.