Gas facilities

TOTAL holds stakes in natural gas transport networks, gas storage facilities (both liquid and gaseous) and LNG re-gasification terminals downstream from its natural gas and LNG production.

Natural gas transport, natural gas and LPG storage

In France, TOTAL, through its 28.05% direct stake in Géométhane, owns natural gas storage in a salt cavern in Manosque with a capacity of 10.5 Bcf (0.3 Bm3). A 7 Bcf (0.2 Bm3) increase in storage capacity is scheduled to be commissioned in 2018.

In South America, TOTAL owns interests in several natural gas transport companies in Argentina and Brazil. These natural gas transport companies face a difficult operational and financial environment in Argentina stemming from the absence of an increase in transport tariffs and restrictions imposed on gas exports. GasAndes, a company in which TOTAL held a 56.5% stake, was sold in October 2014.

In India, TOTAL holds a 50% stake in South Asia LPG Limited (SALPG), a company that operates an LPG import and underground storage terminal located on the east coast of the country. This cavern, the first of its kind in India, has a storage capacity of 60 kt. In 2014, inbound vessels transported 1,069 kt of LPG, compared to 940 kt in 2013 and 950 kt in 2012.

LNG re-gasification

TOTAL has entered into agreements to obtain long-term access to LNG re-gasification capacity on the three continents that are the largest consumers of natural gas: North America (United States and Mexico), Europe (France and the United Kingdom), and Asia (India). This diversified market presence allows the Group to access new liquefaction projects by becoming a long-term buyer of a portion of the LNG produced at these plants, thereby strengthening its LNG supply portfolio.

In France, TOTAL holds a 27.5% stake in the company Fosmax and has, through its subsidiary Total Gas & Power Ltd., a re-gasification capacity of 78 Bcf / y (2.25 Bm3/ y). The terminal received 46 vessels in 2014, compared to 53 in 2013 and 56 in 2012.

In 2011, TOTAL acquired a 9.99% stake in Dunkerque LNG in order to develop a methane terminal project with a capacity of 459 Bcf / y (13 Bm3 / y). Trade agreements have also been signed that allow TOTAL to reserve up to 2 Bm3 / y of re-gasification capacity over a 20-year period. The project is underway and commissioning of the terminal is scheduled for the end of 2015.

In the United Kingdom, through its equity interest in the Qatargas 2 project, TOTAL holds an 8.35% stake in the South Hook LNG re-gasification terminal with a total capacity of 742 Bcf / y (21 Bm3/ y) and an equivalent right of use to the terminal. In 2014, the terminal re-gasified 67 cargoes, compared to 52 in 2013 and 68 in 2012.

In Mexico, TOTAL has reserved 25% of the capacity of the Altamira re-gasification terminal, i.e., 59 Bcf / y (1.7 Bm3/ y), through its 25% stake in Gas del Litoral.

In the United States, TOTAL has reserved a re-gasification capacity of approximately 353 Bcf / y (10 Bm3 / y) at the Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana over a 20-year period ending in 2029. In 2012, the Sabine Pass terminal received the authorization to export LNG from four liquefaction trains, which would involve converting the re-gasification plants into liquefaction plants in the future. As a result, TOTAL negotiated a modification to the conditions of the financial compensation owed to Cheniere, the terminal’s operator, in relation to the commissioning of the successive liquefaction trains for the reservation of re-gasification capacity.

In India, TOTAL holds a 26% stake in the Hazira terminal, where the natural gas re-gasification capacity was increased in 2013 to 244 Bcf / y (6.9 Bm3 / y). The terminal, located on the west coast of India in Gujarat state, is a merchant terminal with operations that cover both LNG re-gasification and gas marketing. Due to the Indian market’s strong prospects for growth, a potential expansion project is under study to increase the terminal’s capacity to 343 Bcf / y (9.7 Bm3 / y).