To consolidate its position throughout the value chain and to leverage the synergies of the Group’s other activities, TOTAL has been developing an activity to market gas as well as electricity and coal to end consumers in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the United Kingdom, TOTAL markets gas and electricity to the industrial and commercial segments through its subsidiary Total Gas & Power Ltd. In 2014, volumes of gas sold amounted to 135 Bcf (3.8 Bm3), compared to 142 Bcf (4.0 Bm3) in 2013 and 146 Bcf (4.2 Bm3) in 2012. Sales of electricity totaled approximately 5.3 TWh in 2014, compared to 4.7 TWh in 2013 and 3.9 TWh in 2012.

In France, TOTAL markets natural gas through its subsidiary Total Énergie Gaz (TEGAZ), the overall sales of which were 95 Bcf (2.7 Bm3) in 2014, compared to 141 Bcf (4.0 Bm3) in 2013 and 176 Bcf (5.0 Bm3) in 2012. This decrease is a consequence of TEGAZ’s strategic repositioning on the SME market due to deteriorating margins and a more stringent regulatory environment. The Group also markets coal to its French customers through its subsidiary CDF Energie, with sales of approximately 0.7 Mt in 2014, compared to 0.81 Mt in 2013 and 0.97 Mt in 2012.

In Spain, TOTAL markets natural gas to the industrial and commercial segments through Cepsa Gas Comercializadora, in which it holds a 35% stake. In 2014, volumes of gas sold amounted to 94 Bcf (2.7 Bm3), compared to 101 Bcf (2.9 Bm3) in 2013 and 2012.

In Germany, Total Energie Gas GmbH, TOTAL’s marketing subsidiary created in 2010, marketed 24 Bcf (0.7 Bm3) of gas in 2014 to industrial and commercial customers, compared to 14 Bcf (0.4 Bm3) in 2013 and 5 Bcf (0.15 Bm3) in 2012.

At the end of 2012, the Group enlarged its European marketing coverage by creating two marketing subsidiaries: Total Gas & Power in Belgium, and Total Gas & Power Nederland B.V. in the Netherlands. These two subsidiaries began to market natural gas to industrial and commercial customers in 2013, whereas the marketing of electricity has not yet started. The volume of gas supplied in 2014 was not substantial.

The Group also holds stakes in the marketing companies that are associated with the Altamira and Hazira LNG re-gasification terminals located in Mexico and India, respectively.