Executive officers’ compensation

In 2014, the aggregate amount paid directly or indirectly by the French and foreign Group companies as compensation to the executive officers(1) of TOTAL in office as of December 31, 2014 (members of the Management Committee(2) and the Treasurer) was €21.18 million (twenty-nine individuals), including €8.72 million paid to the seven members of the Executive Committee. Variable compensation accounted for 42.45% of the aggregate amount of €21.18 million paid to executive officers.

The following individuals were executive officers of the Group as of December 31, 2014 (twenty-nine at year-end 2014, compared with thirty at year-end 2013):

Management Committee

Patrick Pouyanné(3)
Philippe Boisseau(4)
Arnaud Breuillac(4)
Yves-Louis Darricarrère(4)
Jean-Jacques Guilbaud(4)
Patrick de La Chevardière(4)
Philippe Sauquet(4)
Marc Blaizot
Olivier Cleret de Langavant
Odile de Damas-Nottin
Bertrand Deroubaix
Michel Hourcard
Francis Jan
Jean-Marc Jaubert
Helle Kristoffersen
Manoelle Lepoutre
Benoît Luc
Jacques Maigné
Jean-François Minster
Jean-Jacques Mosconi
Momar Nguer
Bernard Pinatel
Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier
Jérôme Schmitt
Maarten Scholten
François Viaud
Thomas Waymel


Humbert de Wendel


(1) Other than the Chief Executive Officer, executive officers are not executive or non-executive directors.
(2) As from April 2, 2015, a Group Performance Management Committee will be instituted in place of the Group Management Committee (for more information, refer to point 3.3. of chapter 5).
(3) Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee.
(4) Member of the Executive Committee.