12) Equity affiliates: investments and loans

The contribution of equity affiliates in the consolidated balance sheet, consolidated statement of income and consolidated statement of comprehensive income is presented below:

Table : Equity value

Table : Equity share in profit/(loss)

Table : Other comprehensive income

In cases where the Group holds less than 20% of the voting rights in another entity, the determination of whether the Group exercises significant influence is also based on other facts and circumstances i.e. representation on the Board of Directors or an equivalent governing body of the entity, participation in policy-making processes, including participation in decisions relating to dividends or other distributions, significant transactions between the investor and the entity, exchange of management personnel, or provision of essential technical information.

Information (100% gross) relating to significant associates is as follows:


Table : Information (100% gross) relating

Novatek, listed in Moscow and London, is the 2nd largest producer of natural gas in Russia. The Group share of Novatek’s market value amounted to $4,234 million as at December 31, 2014. Novatek is consolidated by the equity method. Total considers, in fact, that it exercises significant influence particularly via its representation on the Board of Directors of Novatek and its interest in the major project of Yamal LNG.

The Group’s interests in associates operating liquefaction plants are combined. The amounts include investments in; Nigeria LNG (15.00%), Angola LNG Ltd. (13.60%), Yemen LNG Co (39.62%), Qatargas (10.00%), Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited II – Train B (16.70%), Oman LNG (5.54%), Brass LNG (20.48%) and Abu Dhabi Gas Lc (5.00%).

PetroCedeño produces and upgrades extra-heavy crude oil in Venezuela.

Refining & Chemicals

Table : Refining & Chemicals

Saudi Aramco Total Refining & Petrochemicals is an entity including a refinery in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 400,000 barrels/day with integrated petrochemical units which commenced production in June 2014.

The Group’s interests in associates of the Refining & Chemicals segment, operating steam crackers and polyethylene lines in Qatar have been combined: Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd. (20.00%) and Qatofin (49.09%).

The information (100% gross) relating to significant joint ventures is as follows: 

Table : The information (100% gross)

The Group’s interests in joint ventures operating liquefaction plants have been combined. The amounts include investments in Yamal LNG in Russia (20.01% direct holding) and Ichthys LNG in Australia (30.00%).

Samsung Total Petrochemicals is a South Korean company that operates a petrochemical complex in Daesan, South Korea (condensate separator, steam cracker, styrene, paraxylene, polyolefins).

Off balance sheet commitments relating to joint ventures are disclosed in Note 23) "Commitments and contingencies" of the Consolidated Financial Statements.

In Group share, the main aggregated financial items in equity consolidated affiliates, and that have not been presented individually are as follows:

Table : Total Assets,Total Liabilities and Net Income