The Management Committee

The Management Committee facilitates coordination among the Group’s different entities and monitors the operating results of the operational divisions and the activity reports of the functional divisions.

In addition to the members of the Executive Committee, the following twenty-one individuals from various operating divisions and non-operating departments served as members of the Management Committee as of December 31, 2014:


Helle Kristoffersen, Manoelle Lepoutre, Jean-François Minster, Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Jérôme Schmitt, Maarten Scholten, Bernadette Spinoy, François Viaud.


Marc Blaizot, Olivier Cleret de Langavant, Michel Hourcard.

Refining & Chemicals

Bertrand Deroubaix, Jean-Marc Jaubert, Jacques Maigné, Jean-Jacques Mosconi, Bernard Pinatel, Thomas Waymel.

Marketing & Services

Odile de Damas-Nottin, Francis Jan, Benoît Luc, Momar Nguer.

As from April 2, 2015, a Group Performance Management Committee will be instituted in place of the Group Management Committee, whose mission will then end. The mission of the Group Performance Management Committee is to examine, analyze and pilot the safety, financial and business results of the Group. The Committee, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, will be composed of the managers in charge of the business units of the Group, as well as a limited number of Senior Vice Presidents of functions at Group (Communication, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Safety and Strategy) and segment levels. It will meet monthly.