Additional information on the members of the Board of Directors

Absence of conflicts of interest

The Board also noted the absence of potential conflicts between the Directors’ duties in the best interests of the Company and the private interests of its directors. To the Company’s knowledge, the members of the Board of TOTAL S.A. are not related by close family ties, there are no arrangements or agreements with clients or suppliers that facilitated their appointment, and there is no service agreement binding a director of TOTAL S.A. to one of its subsidiaries and providing for special benefits under the terms of such agreement.

Absence of a conviction

The current members of the Board of Directors of the Company have informed the Company that they have not been convicted, have not been associated with a bankruptcy, receivership or liquidation, and have not been incriminated or publicly sanctioned or disqualified, as stipulated in item 14.1 of Annex I of EC Regulation 809 / 2004 of April 29, 2004.