Documents on display

Documents and information concerning TOTAL S.A., including its bylaws and the Company’s statutory and Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2014 or for previous fiscal years may be consulted at the Company’s registered office pursuant to the legal and regulatory provisions in force. 

TOTAL S.A.’s registration documents filed with the French Financial Markets Authority (Autorité des marchés financiers) for each of the past ten fiscal years, the first half financial reports, the first half Group presentations of its results and outlook, as well as the quarterly financial information, are available on the Company’s
website (, under the Investors / Regulated Information in France heading).

Moreover, in order to meet its obligations related to the listing of its shares in the United States, the Company files, along with this Registration Document, an annual report on Form 20-F, in English, with the SEC.

Pursuant to the requirements introduced by Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of July 30, 2002, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer of the Company have conducted, with the assistance of the General Management, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the disclosure controls and procedures as defined by U.S. regulations, over the period covered by the Form 20-F. For fiscal year 2014, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer concluded that the disclosure controls and procedures were effective (refer to point "Internal control and risk management" of Chapter "Corporate governance").