General information

As of December 31, 2014, there were 903 consolidated companies, of which 818 were fully consolidated and 85 were accounted for under the equity method.

TOTAL S.A.’s scope of consolidation includes at least all companies in which the Company holds a direct or indirect interest, the book value of which on that date is at least equal to 10% of the amount of TOTAL S.A.’s equity or of the consolidated net assets of the Group, or which has generated at least 10% of TOTAL S.A.’s net
income or of the Group’s consolidated net income during the last year.

An exhaustive list of the companies consolidated by TOTAL S.A. is provided in a summary table in Note 35) "Consolidation scope" to the Consolidated Financial Statements of this Registration Document (point "Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements", Chapter "Consolidated Financial Statements").