Environmental issues are important throughout the Group and are taken into account in all R&D projects. R&D’s effort is to ensure optimum management of environmental risk, particularly with regard to:

  • water management, notably by reducing the use of water from natural continental environments and by lowering emissions in compliance with local, national and international regulations;
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency and the monitoring of carbon capture and storage and the potential effects of CO2 on the natural environment;
  • detection and reduction of discharges into the air and simulation of their dissemination;
  • prevention of soil contamination and regulatory compliance with regard to historical aspects and the remediation of sites; and
  • changes in the Group’s different products and management of their life cycle, in particular in compliance with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Directive (REACH).

Refer to point 2.2. of chapter 7 for more details.