TOTAL has its own reinsurance company, Omnium Reinsurance Company (ORC). ORC is integrated within the Group’s insurance management and is used as a centralized global operations tool for covering the Group companies’ insurable risks. It allows the Group’s worldwide insurance program to be implemented in compliance with the specific requirements of local regulations applicable in the countries where the Group operates.

Some countries may require the purchase of insurance from a local insurance company. If the local insurer accepts to cover the subsidiary of the Group in compliance with its worldwide insurance program, ORC negotiates a retrocession of the covered risks from the local insurer. As a result, ORC enters into reinsurance contracts with the subsidiaries’ local insurance companies, which transfer most of the risk to ORC.

At the same time, ORC negotiates a reinsurance program at the Group level with oil industry mutual insurance companies and commercial reinsurance markets. ORC allows the Group to better manage price variations in the insurance market by taking on a greater or lesser amount of risk corresponding to the price trends in the insurance market.

In 2014, the net amount of risk retained by ORC after reinsurance was a maximum of $53 million per onshore third-party liability insurance claim, or $77 million per offshore third-party liability insurance claim on the one hand and $75 million per property damage and / or business interruption insurance claim, on the other hand. Accordingly, in the event of any loss giving rise to an aggregate insurance claim, the effect on ORC would be limited to its maximum retention of $152 million per occurrence.