TOTAL and oil sands

TOTAL has stakes in several Canadian oil sands projects. Changes in the economic environment have prompted the Group to adapt the development plan related to these projects, including suspending the Joslyn North Mine and Northern Lights projects.

For the projects still under development, Surmont (50%) and Fort Hills (39.2%), which are not operated by the Group, TOTAL emphasizes an awareness by the operator of environmental issues, and particularly water impacts, remediation of the affected soil and ecosystems, and GHG emissions. The Group ensures that the technologies used minimize environmental impact. For phase 2 of the Surmont in situ project, which is scheduled to begin production in 2015, the option chosen is expected to allow water to be withdrawn mainly from saline aquifers and not from freshwater aquifers or rivers in an effort to optimize water use and recycling. For several years, TOTAL has been actively involved in the various collaborative research initiatives undertaken by the Canadian industry in these areas. In particular, TOTAL is one of the founding members of Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), an initiative launched in 2012 by fourteen producers in Canada to improve the environmental performance of Canadian oil sands by promoting collaboration and innovation.

TOTAL is mindful of its responsibility to its stakeholders, with whom it builds a long-term relationship by maintaining a dialogue with the surrounding communities.

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