TOTAL and the Arctic

The Group is involved in various projects, including in Norway (Snøhvit, active exploration in the Barents Sea) and in Russia (Kharyaga, Yamal LNG, Termokarstovoye, Bazhenov).

According to a survey published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in 2012, the Arctic might hold 13% of the world’s undiscovered conventional oil resources and 30% of its undiscovered gas resources. These substantial resources could help to meet the growing demand for energy in the coming decades.

For exploration and production in the Arctic, major challenges must be overcome given the difficult weather and oceanographic conditions, logistical constraints and the nature of the technologies to be deployed in a particularly sensitive ecosystem.

TOTAL currently does not conduct any exploration activities in oil fields under the ice cap.

At the same time, TOTAL is involved in research related to specific issues in the Arctic, in particular through its “Grands froids” (extreme cold) R&D program. TOTAL is also involved in the Joint Industry Program, which brings together oil companies and scientific organizations to study ways of preventing, detecting and responding to accidental pollution by hydrocarbons.