TOTAL and Western Sahara

Off the coast of Western Sahara, in December 2011 Morocco awarded a reconnaissance contract for the Anzarane Offshore Block to the Office National Marocain des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM – National Moroccan Bureau of Petroleum and Mines) and Total E&P Maroc. This contract was extended until December 2015 in order to assess the oil and gas potential of this large area of 100,000 km².

A reconnaissance contract is not an E&P agreement in that it is limited to geological and geophysical works.

According to independent experts that TOTAL consulted in this regard, the aforementioned geological and geographic works conducted in this area are not legally in breach with international law or the United Nations Charter.

In terms of ethics, in December 2013 Total E&P Maroc and the ONHYM signed two documents: the first was a public joint declaration in which the Moroccan party emphasized its commitment to comply with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, in particular with regard to consulting local communities and ensuring that they benefit from exploration and production of natural resources. The second was a memorandum of understanding that sets out corporate social responsibility principles for the reconnaissance period and any subsequent phases.

In Western Sahara where the Anzarane Offshore Block is located, and wherever it operates, TOTAL complies within its sphere of activities with the applicable international laws and standards mentioned in the Group’s Code of Conduct, particularly those
related to human rights.