Dialogue with employees

TOTAL’s employees and their representatives have a privileged position and role among the numerous stakeholders with which the Group has and intends to develop regular dialogue (see also point "Dialogue and involvement with stakeholders" of this Chapter). In countries where employee representation is not required by law (for example in Myanmar and Brunei), TOTAL strives to set up such representation. There are therefore employee representatives in the majority of Group companies, most of whom are elected. The subjects covered by dialogue with employees vary from company to company, but there are common major themes such as health, safety, work time, compensation, training and equal opportunity.

As in 2013, organizational changes were carried out in the Group in 2014 in consultation with employee representatives, such as the creation of a new entity (Total Global Services) dedicated to shared IT and telecommunications services, in order to optimize costs while improving the quality of services provided to users. These changes paved the way for a constructive social dialogue, leading to agreements such as that regarding commitments in the context of the proposed disposal of Totalgaz and its subsidiaries. In France, within the scope of the Common Social Framework (approximately 19,000 employees), thirty-one agreements were signed with employee representatives in 2014, covering in particular supplemental health insurance, life insurance, teleworking and compensation systems.

Table : Dialogue with employees

TOTAL maintains an ongoing dialogue with employees on a European scale through negotiations with European trade union federations.

Several agreements have been signed, including, for example, the convention on labor relations and equal opportunities that aims to set up a common social platform applicable to all the Group’s European entities.

A single Work Committee representing European personnel has been set up at the Group-wide level in order to inform employees and hold discussions on the Group’s strategy, its social, economic and financial situation, as well as questions of sustainable development, CSR and safety on a European scale. It also examines any significant proposed organizational change concerning at least two companies in two European countries, to express its opinion, in addition to the procedures initiated before the national representative bodies.

In addition, every other year TOTAL carries out an internal survey (Total Survey) amongst its employees to gather their views and expectations with regard to their work situation and perception of the Company, locally and as a Group. The results of the survey conducted in 2013 amongst more than 70% of the Groupe employees, on 498 sites in 118 countries, show that they have a commitment rate of 73% and that 85% of them are proud to work for TOTAL. The next survey will be conducted at the end of 2015.

Negotiations aimed at reaching a global agreement on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) were held in 2014 and resulted in the signing of an agreement on January 22, 2015 with IndustriALL Global Union (IGU). This agreement marks a new stage in the development of the Group’s social dialogue, which started many years ago at the European level (ten years of European negotiations, more than fifteen years through the European Committee) and strengthens the Group’s commitment as a responsible employer.

By signing this agreement with IndustriALL Global Union, TOTAL is committing to maintain minimum CSR standards and guarantees in all its activities worldwide (companies in which the Group has more than a 50% stake): human rights at work, occupational health and safety, strengthening of the social dialogue, life insurance, professional equality, social responsibility, assisting in the Group’s evolution.

The implementation of this agreement will be monitored annually with representatives who are members of trade unions affiliated with IndustriALL Global Union and appointed by this federation.