The Group has four priorities in the field of training:

  • sharing TOTAL’s corporate values, in particular with respect to corporate HSE and ethics;
  • increasing key skills in all business areas and maintaining a high level of operating performance;
  • promoting employees’ integration and career development through induction, management and personal development training; and
  • supporting the policy of diversity and mobility within the Group through language and inter-cultural training.

The Group’s efforts in the field of training continued in 2014 (78% of employees followed at least one training course) and, within the scope of the WHRS, 380,000 days of training were offered for a total training budget of about €235 million. Technical training or training that meets the specific activity needs are implemented by the operational business divisions in order to better meet the needs of personnel.

In 2014, the Group provided further HSE training, with programs focusing on HSE culture (refer to point 2.2.1. of this chapter). This year also marked an acceleration in the development of managerial programs abroad, particularly to strengthen equal career opportunities in the Group. Moreover, the Group has continued the large-scale deployment of business-specific e-learning modules and cross- functional programs on diversity, compliance, competition law, knowledge of the oil and gas chain, etc. In 2014, 30,000 people attended at least one module.

Total University offers Group integration programs as well as courses aimed specifically at developing leadership among managers and executive officers. In addition, Total University presents special theme-based conferences, some of which are open to those outside the Company. These conferences cover strategic topics in the field of energy ranging from technologies to geopolitics and societal issues.

Table : Average number of days’ training/year per employee