Partnerships and philanthropy

Total Corporate Foundation / TOTAL S.A. Philanthropy

In addition to the societal initiatives that are directly related to the Group’s industrial activities, TOTAL has also been committed for many years to taking general-interest measures in the countries where it has operations. At the Head Office, the Group’s philanthropic actions are essentially conducted by the Philanthropy Department of TOTAL S.A., on the one hand, and by the Total Corporate Foundation, on the other. For more than 20 years now, the Group’s ambition has been to foster the development of general-interest measures, going beyond its industrial responsibility, by encouraging the convergence of expertise and innovation. At the end of 2012, TOTAL renewed its commitments to its Foundation for a further five years (2013-2017). The Foundation benefits from a five-year budget of €50 million. Founded in 1992 in the wake of the Rio Earth Summit, the TOTAL Foundation was initially dedicated to the environment and marine biodiversity. It is now active in four fields: marine biodiversity, culture and heritage, health, and solidarity.

With regard to marine biodiversity, the Foundation funds research programs undertaken to improve knowledge about and the protection and enhancement of marine and coastal species and ecosystems. In all the projects it supports, the Foundation ensures the sharing of knowledge through awareness and education campaigns. In 2014, the Foundation supported sixty-six projects (new or ongoing projects). In particular, the Foundation supported the “MedDiversa” project which aimed to study the deep-water coral reefs that are some of the most characteristic to be found in the Mediterranean since they grow in deep waters where there is only little sunlight. The project helped gain a better understanding of these highly endangered species. In the light of the project results, a platform for scientific exchange was set up to develop scenarios for the future evolution of this marine diversity facing global change impacts, and thereby contribute to its preservation.

Since 2008, TOTAL has also partnered with the French Society of Sea Rescuers (SNSM). Through its funding and expertise, the Group plays a role in improving the safety of rescue operations and training volunteers. Since 2011, the Group has helped train volunteers by contributing to the creation of a special infrastructure facility in the form of a national training center. One of a kind and ideally located in Saint-Nazaire, this center has been optimized for training activities and is equipped with a state-of-the-art navigation and vessel handling simulator. Every year, more than 300 rescuers benefit from these training courses to help continuously improve safety at sea and along the coasts.

In the culture and heritage field, the Foundation and the Philanthropy Department partly funded fourteen exhibitions in 2014 thus promoting the cultures of the countries in which the Group operates. In 2014, the Foundation, working together with the Institut du Monde Arabe and the Louvre, contributed to showcasing Arab culture by supporting two exhibitions, dedicated to contemporary Morocco and medieval Morocco. At the same time, it also honored China by partly funding an exhibition devoted to the Han dynasty in Paris’s Guimet Museum. Firmly convinced that access to culture as of a very young age is a factor that helps individuals have confidence in themselves and respect for others, the Foundation supports numerous initiatives designed to instruct young people in the worlds of art and culture. In 2014, this commitment was illustrated by the organization of a workshop entitled “Learning through art, an art of learning” at the Lyon Opera House.

In the same year, the Total Foundation and the Fondation du Patrimoine (heritage foundation) renewed their partnership in France for the 2015 to 2017period. The two partners primarily focus their activities on the preservation of the country’s industrial, cultural, port and maritime, and craft heritage and participate in projects designed to further professional training and social integration. Their aim is to breathe new life into the restored sites, pass on the expertise of the building crafts of the past, and in this way to contribute to local economic and social development. These efforts are focused more specifically on the regions in which the Group is present in France. Since 2006, more than 150 projects spread across nineteen regions have received nearly €20 million in support from this project.

In the health field, the Group has been a partner of the Institut Pasteur since 2005. Professor F. Barré-Sinoussi, 2008 Nobel Prize laureate, is the resource person for this partnership, which focuses on the fight against infectious diseases. The Group also contributes to research programs and field actions in partnership with the Group’s subsidiaries, mainly in Africa and South-East Asia. In 2014, the Group thus supported more than eleven field projects (new or ongoing), including a program in Senegal, which was set up to assess the consequences of resistance to antibiotics, in terms of mortality and morbidity, in severe bacterial infections in newborns and young children living in developing countries with a low level of economic activity. This innovative program is set to inspire others like it.

In the field of solidarity, the Foundation encourages Group employees to engage with the community, through support for projects championed by non-profit organizations with which they volunteer on a personal basis. In 2014, the Foundation supported sixty-eight employee projects in thirty countries.

Finally, The Group has also forged a number of major institutional partnerships in France. Since 2009, the Group has been working with the State and the ministry responsible for youth by encouraging the social and professional integration of young people. This partnership, which benefits from an overall budget of €60 million (with the experimental youth-development fund being the primary technical and financial tool at its disposal), has enabled the financing of more than 270 projects since its creation. Since 2014, TOTAL supports the “La France s’engage” voluntary initiative.