Merger of TOTAL with Total Petrochemicals and Refining SA/NV (formerly PetroFina)

In December 1998, TOTAL signed an in-kind contribution agreement with Electrafina, Investor, Tractebel, Electrabel and AG 1824 (the Contributors), under which the Contributors contributed their PetroFina shares to TOTAL. TOTAL then launched a public exchange offer in 1999 for the remaining PetroFina shares not yet in its possession. Following this public offering, TOTAL held 98.8% of PetroFina’s share capital.

In 2000, TotalFinaElf launched an additional public exchange offer for PetroFina shares, increasing its interest in PetroFina to 99.6%. In 2001, TotalFinaElf contributed its entire equity stake in PetroFina to Total Chimie (a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOTAL S.A., now called Total Raffinage Chimie), which then launched a squeeze-out for the PetroFina shares not yet held. PetroFina changed its corporate name to Total Petrochemicals & Refining SA/NV on May 1, 2012. Total Raffinage Chimie currently holds all Total Petrochemicals & Refining SA/NV shares.